Some Gorgeous Questions on Google Hangout’s page

Another PR stunt from Arsenal?

Bisa dibilang begitu. Mungkin klub merasa perjalanan mereka ke timur selama lebih dari seminggu kemarin belum cukup, kini mereka menyuguhkan Arsene Wenger untuk menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang dilontarkan penggemar di Google Hangout. Satu fakta mengganjak di kepala saya saat tur kemarin adalah, untuk apa Ivan Gazidis menyertai skuat ke Asia? Bukankah lebih baik dia menetap di London atau mengikuti kemana kaki Dick Law melangkah demi memuluskan negosiasi transfer?

Bukankah dia pula yang kemarin membeberkan kesiapan Arsenal bersaing di bursa transfer?

Saya pribadi tak akan segusar ini andaikata langkah Gazidis membuat pernyataan itu tidak dia lakukan. Akan menjadi sebuah blunder jika ternyata Arsenal kembali kehilangan target besarnya. Orang-orang menyebut hal itu sebagai strategi marketing untuk mendongkrak penjualan tiket terusan semusim — yang ditakutkan menjadi kenyataan.

Gazidis has done quite brilliant, of course. Puma dan deal terbaru bersama Emirates. Tapi kesuksesan off the pitch selayaknya diiringi dengan kesuksesan pembelian pemain-pemain yang dirasa sanggup menambah kualitas skuat.

I feel for Arsene Wenger, really.

Sepulang dari tur panjang Asia, dibebani tuntutan merekrut pemain bintang, dan Gazidis mengawali hari dengan menodongkan kata-kata, ‘Nger, lu aja deh yang maju di event Google Hangout’.

Anyway, saya tidak tahu bagaimana berlangsungnya event tersebut. Saya sendiri penasaran. jangan-jangan saat kita menyalakan laptop/komputer, di layar monitor Wenger mulai memasuki studio sambil bergandengan tangan dengan Wayne Rooney dan Cesc Fabregas?

Sementara ini saya hendak bermaksud memerlihatkan keluh kesah para penggemar di page Google Hangout. Dari sekian ratus pertanyaan, mungkin hanya 0,01% yang akan dijawab Monsieur Wenger. Here it is:

Mark Siri

Can’t wait for the bloodbath

Bill Sedgwick

Surely Wenger will be too busy in the transfer market to hangout?

Jack Williams

Quite frankly, i believe  Wenger is one of the best man managers out there, however as many of you have said, his inability to sign high profile players lets him down. Suarez for example – i think he is a horrible little rodent, however, i believe we need to fork out whatever Liverpool want for him before someone else does. I believe with him in the side, trophies will start coming to where they belong… The Emirates!

Mano Safin

Arsene, we are fans of this great club. You have done a great job since a couple of years but, now, you are aware  we cannot compete to any tilte with the current squad. Why you did take Lloris last year?? Now, Arsenal has to sign 3 quality players : goalkeeper, midfielder and a world class striker. Julio Cesar, Fellaini and Suarez. I hope you did not regret to say that you had big money for this transfer window…it may be the big mistake you have done because all rivals know this and play with this… . Anyway, I trust you Arsene. A french Gunner

Dagmawi Desta

Im going to make this plain and simple, Why are we not winning any tittles?

Girma Tibebu Kebede

Dear Wenger,
we had been trusted you for over several years without winning a trophy. Now I want you to feel how much we are disappointed. We need to see a vissible and realiable transfer news. Its all are heart breaking. We lost Jovetic, Higuen, bernard, and even Suarez too. Why??? Please, sign suarez… You wont regret on him

Shaun Harrison

Dear Mr Wenger,
Please can you explain how you consider a squad that finished 16 points behind the champions and was knocked out of the domestic competitions by lower-league opposition to be capable of challenging for the league without further strengthening? And also why Arsenal seem to be the only club in Europe that do not appear to be strengthening – even Bayern Munich, who dominated their domestic and european competitions last season, have significantly invested in improving their squad.

Ajinkya Vaidya <- very good question!

Mr Wenger, what do you think is the best position for Jack Wilshere? Does having him running at the defenders from a CM benefit more rather than the No.10 role?

Sean Martin

Hello from America Arsene,

I would like to ask you that knowing we are currently looking for a top striker, amongst other positions, what kind of role do you think Giroud will play this year. My belief is that he may be in for a real great season now that he is aquainted with the English game, but I am interested to see how he would be able to work alongside someone such as Suarez if he were to join? (Which I am hoping can still happen)

Bryan Teh

Hi Mr Wenger, everyone are panicking now as there are still no significant signing yet. Have the pride of Arsenal fallen to such an extend that we only aim for 4th every season? It’s no use saying that we have the intention of winning, what matters are the actions. With every top 6 teams improving their squad significantly, what are the chances that Arsenal can still be competitive, let along challenger for the EPL, this coming season? Please act fast, options are depleting!

Lastly, I don’t think it’s a coincident that the departure of David Dein coincides with our trophy drought, are there chances that we would see him back to work his magic in the transfer again?

Jack Blake

Mr. Wenger, with all the respect, why every year it’s the same?
Why don’t you try spend some money?
Anyway, In Arsene We Trust!

Abdallah Kheir

Mr.Wenger, is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain moving from playing on the wing to playing in a more central role this season?

Chris Anthony

Will FFP really work, or will the rich clubs continue to leave us behind?

Sajit Mathew Kunnumkal

Will you quit if we dont win anything again this year?

Brian Barnett

Arsenal finished 20+ behind the Man U last year, yes arsenal has good players, but the team has made no additions this summer and i don’t think they l plan on it. Wenger is already giving us that bs line he has the past seasons. Arsenal can barely field a complete team at the moment, and they have not made ONE MOVE, even though its clear the team needs help. Even current player are begging Wenger to make a signing but he keep making excuses. If he signs no one, which is what i see happening, he will piss off a large part of the fan base. Man city signed four quality players without playing the fan base.

I know Wenger is a great coach but why is he so worried about hurting world class athletes feeling because some is getting paid more. I’m not saying he should break the bank, but if you sign TOP TALENT, then who cares about some hurt feeling because a better player is getting paid more. It really doesn’t make much since. Every team and player have to deal with that reality, that some players are JUST BETTER, that’s why they get paid more. I love Arsenal but this is very frustrating and if i worked in the media i would put the pressure on Wenger, to just sign someone PLEASE. This team need HELP, if they plan on facing all the Champions league teams, who have boosted their club dramatically.


Terlalu banyak jika ingin disalin pertanyaan-pertanyaan fans. Surprisingly, banyak sekali pertanyaan yang bagus, meski pertanyaan seputar bursa transfer sangat mendominasi.

Mari kita nantikan bagaimana Wenger merespon pertanyaan-pertanyaan tersebut.


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