You’re just Spurs of Merseyside

There was a time when we were poor, countless years of  agony and all gloom

Then the English football was dominated by one & only Liverpool

It took us 100 minutes to clinch the FA

1971 when one and only Charlie George lying on Wembley turf

“I’m the resurrection and I’m the light”

The boy who breaks Bill Shankly’s heart

Surrounded by Radford, Graham and all troops

The young manhood of Arsenal that grasp the league at shite hart lane

Only a week before this very Wembley clash

Oh boy, what was Bertie Mee thinking?

Selling all those men on the next campaign

Then the Arsenal years of despair

Are counted, laughed at and cursed

There is one man from this class of Seventy One

Severely drunk by catenaccio

Thinking it was solid defending that will bring the glory

Then he bought Dixon and Bould, the ones from Stoke

And crowned the captaincy to Highbury’s heir and son

Tony, Tony, Tony!

It wasn’t Tony, Smith or Rocky

It was Mickey that delivers glory

On their honoured ground of Anfield, the English title finally sealed

In 1992 has football changed

In 1996 the Arsenal found this man

A spectacle-wearing French from Japan

He might be only lucky

Assembling a well-known rock defending

Messrs Seaman, Adams, Keown, Bould, Dixon and tiny Winterburn

He has what Rioch had before

The mighty Wrighty and the non-flying Iceberg Bergy

One thing I know he told Adams, Parlour and Merse to stop

From pub-drinking and gambling at night

“It is like ice-skating at night, you are footballers”

And the French brought in his fellow countrymen

Monsieur Garde, Petit, Vieira, Grimandi, Anelka

If you think I am forgetting Titi

He isn’t French, he’s Arsenal bound as he should be

This is Arsenal we knew

Like a blindfolded old man at stripper club

We were graced by holiness of joy

Several cups coming under ‘Monsieur Who?’

Two double, another two FA and that glossy Ashburton Grove

“And it’s Tony Adams put through by Steve Booouulllddd.. WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?!”

As stubborn as he can be, our monsieur gives us glory

Against our old enemy Liverpool, Seventy One and Eighty Nine should be and has repeated

a 4-4 scoreline that puts Andrei at world’s top

Or 6-3 that makes Aliadiere looks like Messi

1-2 last season and 2-0 months ago

Luis Suarez can only beg, Vermaelen slips and misses

It was Spurs game last season, two nil down five two up

A game that changed our path

A game that clinched another St. Totteringham Day

This season might be silly

One thing I know I want us to yell

“Liverpool FC, you are just Spurs of Merseyside!”


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